Tau Beta Pi Holding Engineering Futures Sessions

Tau Beta Pi will be holding Engineering Futures Sessions again this year. The event will take place from 9am-2pm on February 10th. It is helpful for all students. The students will learn presentation skills and there will be problem analyzing sessions.

These are the given descriptions of each session:

Analytical Problem Solving

  • The Problem-Solving Process
    • Learn a structured process for problem-solving. Each step of the process requires two basic activities in order to perform it successfully: generating ideas through brainstorming and choosing the best idea to implement.
  • Creative Thinking
    • Participate in creative thinking exercises.
  • Identifying and Implementing the Problem Solution
    • Learn how to reduce a list of potential solutions and selecting the best idea(s) using specific evaluation techniques. Learn techniques to facilitate decision-making.

Effective Presentation Skills

  • The fear of public speaking
    • Learn and practice techniques for overcoming the fear of speaking in public.
  • Formal presentation preparation
    • Learn the “do’s and dont’s” of oral presentations. Create and deliver team presentations.

For additional information and to sign up for the events, please contact Tau Beta Pi President Tayah Turocy at tdturocy@student.ysu.edu.

Student Competitions: Steel Bridge & Baja Car

Steel Bridge

The YSU Steel Bridge team placed 11th overall at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition. This is tied for the highest that YSU has ever placed at the competition. There were approximately 45 schools there mostly from the United States, but Puerto Rico, China, Mexico, and Canada were all represented as well. Approximately 250 schools participated in the regional competitions combined prior.

The 2017 National Student Steel Bridge Competition was hosted by the ASCE Student Chapter of Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, on May 26-27, 2017.

YSU placed second in the display category, fifth in the construction economy category, and eighth in the lightness category.

The team members were Tommy Carnes, Greg Lipp, David Mendenhall, Nico Pagley, Spencer DeSalvo, and Kenny Anderson.

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Competition Mission:

The mission of the ASCE/AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) is to supplement the education of civil engineering students with a comprehensive, student-driven project experience from conception and design through fabrication, erection, and testing, culminating in a steel structure that meets client specifications and optimizes performance and economy. The SSBC increases awareness of real-world engineering issues such as spatial constraints, material properties, strength, serviceability, fabrication and erection processes, safety, esthetics, and cost. Success in inter-collegiate competition requires effective teamwork and project management. Future engineers are stimulated to innovate, practice professionalism, and use structural steel efficiently.

Baja Car

The YSU Baja team competed at the Baja International event in Peoria, IL, June 7-10, 2017.

109 teams participated from the US (all over), Canada, Mexico, India, and the United Arab Emirates. View the full list of participating schools: http://students.sae.org/cds/bajasae/midwest/teams/.

YSU placed 33rd overall.

In dynamic events:

Acceleration 62nd
Rock Crawl 48th
Hill Climb 42nd
Maneuverability 20th

The main event: 4-hour endurance race, YSU placed 16th!

YSU Baja Team

Students that went to competition include

4 newly graduated seniors:

  • Zach Thompson—hired at Marsh Bellofram
  • Donny Dixon—hired at Timken
  • Nick Mastrangelo—hired at Quality Bridge and Fab
  • Matt Silvers—job searching now that Baja is complete

5 rising seniors that will be doing Baja next year in senior design,

4 rising juniors that will assist in Baja next year.

Recent STEM Events

Physics Olympics

YSU’s annual Physics Olympics took place on February 25, 2017 in Stambaugh Stadium. Students from dozens of schools in nearby counties gathered to compete in a series of twelve events that demand collaboration, applied physics, and all-around fun.

Some events included were the egg drop, bridge building, house of cards, and ping-pong ball launch competitions.

Women in STEM Career Workshop

The 20th Annual Edward W. Powers Women in STEM Career Workshop was held on Saturday, March 4, 2017, at Youngstown State University.

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The workshop was designed for middle school and high school girls to come and meet with female STEM professionals, including scientists and YSU faculty, staff, and students. Panel discussions were held to answer any questions about working in STEM fields, and participants were given the opportunity to observe and participate in real science work.

Miniature Bridge Building Competition

Youngstown State University hosted the 10th Annual Mahoning Valley Miniature Bridge Building Competition on February 24, 2017. Local businesses have sponsored the competition each year in conjunction with the Mahoning and Trumbull County Engineers.

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This is a great learning experience for students because they can see for themselves what real engineers have to do: design and maintain bridge structures.

This year’s winner was Brookfield High School. Their bridge held 130 lbs and set a new record for the weight of the bridge to weight held ratio.

Crystal Growing Competition

On March 8, 2017, students from local area high schools gathered at Youngstown State University for a crystal growing competition. A winner was selected from each of the following categories: most perfect single crystal, biggest single crystal, best crystal cluster, artistic expression, and wildcard.

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While on campus, the students toured the Clarence R. Smith Mineral Museum in Moser Hall and visited the Ward Beecher Planetarium for a show.

Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing

Women and men from 40 colleges and universities and 23 Ohio-based companies met at the Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron, Ohio on February 24-25, 2017. This was for the Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing Conference 2017.

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The conference is held every two years and it focuses on career advice for young women in IT, student research poster sessions, and professional networking.

Jenna Wise, a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics at YSU, presented her poster submission “Predicting Developer Expertise From Eye Gazes on Source Code.”

Alyssa Pawluk, a computer science major at YSU, presented her poster “Improving Stack Overflow Tag Prediction Using Eye Tracking.”

The keynote speaker this year was Margaret Burnett, a distinguished professor from Oregon State University. She gave a speech on Gender Inclusiveness in Software Companies, namely a method called GenderMag.

HackYSU 2017

Youngstown State University’s annual hackathon, HackYSU, took place February 17-19, 2017. This event, hosted by the Penguin Hackers student organization, allows students to “hack” for 36 hours straight. Projects include apps, websites, games, robots, and everything in between.

Students came from colleges and universities from all over Ohio and even beyond to participate in HackYSU this year in the DeBartolo Stadium Club Room. The attendance this year was incredible, with more than 140 participants, 23 mentors, and 26 total projects submitted for judging.

Judging was based on originality, creativity, technical difficulty, and execution, among other things.

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The group that received first place created an app that allows users to turn a smart phone into a computer mouse. One of the students from the University of Akron came up with the idea when he realized he’d forgotten his mouse at home. Rather than go without a mouse, he and his group created one.

Many groups utilized the several 3D printers that were available for the weekend, even with no previous experience in additive manufacturing.

All of the sponsors were critical in the success of the event, especially Major League Hacking, who provided the winners’ prizes, some really cool equipment, and some great advice on projects.

The projects were judged by a diverse group of judges from different businesses and backgrounds, including Dr. Kriss Schueller of YSU’s Department of Computer Science and Information Systems.

To learn more about HackYSU, visit hackysu.com. For more information and events from the Penguin Hackers group, visit penguinhackers.io.

Local Hack Day

Following a lot of interest in HackYSU from incoming freshmen at STEM IGNITE and the STEM Student Organizations Fair at the beginning of the semester, a 12-hour Local Hack Day was held on December 3. It was a great opportunity for students to experience the environment of hackathons without committing to a 36-hour event like HackYSU for the first time.

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13 speakers hosted 16 talks on topics including game development, functional programming, generating music, and how to land an internship. Mark Tareshawty, an engineer from GitHub, also spoke at the event about how Git enables software engineers to collaboratively write code, highlighting its importance in the industry.

Almost every participant said that they learned something new at Local Hack Day, and more than half said they researched a topic further after the event.

Those who attended and enjoyed the Local Hack Day are encouraged to register for HackYSU, which will take place February 17-19 at the DeBartolo Stadium Club. This will be a full 36-hour hackathon where participants form teams of up to four people to create, well, anything.

HackYSU participants are always fed, there will be prizes, and guest mentors will be giving talks and hosting workshops. Registration is open at HackYSU.com.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

Each year, Youngstown State University’s Association for Computing Machinery participates as one of four host sites for the International Collegiate Programming Contest in the East Central North America Region.

The programming contest attracts students from colleges and universities throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, and Eastern Ontario.

Dr. Bonita Sharif and Robert Gilliland from the Computer Science and Information Systems Department are the Site Directors for the YSU location, and Dr. Robert Kramer, also from YSU’s CSIS department, is the Regional Director for the competition.

This year, the competition took place on October 28 & 29 in Meshel Hall.

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For the contest, each team of three students is given a set of ten problems to solve on one computer station within five hours, each independent and a different level of difficulty. The students must come up with a computer program to solve each problem while being timed and checked for errors.

Backpacks were awarded as prizes to the top teams at YSU this year, awarded by Regional Director Dr. Kramer. Every participant received a shirt, a flash drive, and a certificate of achievement signed by the ICPC Executive Director, Dr. William Poucher.

Winners selected from this region will advance to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, to be held in Rapid City, South Dakota on May 20-25, 2017.

This year was the tenth year that Youngstown State University has been a competition site and has been the largest competition site in the region since 2007.

STEM Expo & Meet the Employers


Every spring and fall semester, STEM Professional Services organizes a career fair of sorts for all STEM students. In the past only internships and co-ops for current students were the focus of the expo, but this semester debuted the new Expo. Beginning fall 2016, the STEM Expo is now available to STEM students and alumni for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions.

Because of this expansion, the Expo has become bigger than ever. The Fall 2016 STEM Expo saw more than 600 students meet with 65 companies to discuss employment options. With so much interest and involvement, the Expo is expected to grow even more in the future and possibly require a larger venue.

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Meet the Employers

STEM Leadership Society coordinated with STEM Professional Services to host the Meet the Employers event. Mike Hripko, Associate Vice President for Research, moderated a panel consisting of representatives from Goodyear, Vallourec, Pearne & Gordon LLP, and the Cafaro Company. The panel members were invited to discuss their companies and explain what they look for in an applicant, and questions from the audience followed.

Representatives from other companies joined in a round table discussion where students could ask about the companies and the employers could get a sense of what the students were looking for as well. Companies involved were Tech Corps, MS Consultants, Progressive, Simmers Crane Design & Services, and Mercy Health.

Around 30 students attended this first-ever Meet the Employers, but STEM Leadership Society is eager to host more of them as a regular event in the future with more involvement from both students and employers.

Recent Student Events

YSU MathFest

YSU MathFest, the largest annual event hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, took place on Thursday, October 13. Each year, high school juniors and seniors from over 40 different high schools come to YSU to spend the day celebrating and learning topics in mathematics that are not typically seen in standard high school curriculum.

This year, 18 different workshops were offered by YSU faculty and students from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. These workshops included titles such as Are you a Terrorist?, Discovering the STEM Behind Football, and The Mathematics of Brain Activity.

In addition to the workshops, students were given the opportunity to meet YSU students, interact with YSU faculty members, and explore what it’s like to get an undergraduate degree in mathematics or a STEM-related field at YSU.

The day concluded with guest speaker Dr. Chris Swanson from Ashland University giving a large group presentation on Mathemagic!

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Veterinary Science Expo

The first annual Youngstown State University Veterinary Science Expo was held on September 29 in DeBartolo Hall. The YSU Pre-Veterinary Society sponsored this event, which featured three professional veterinarians: Ric Berlinkski, Kelley Kilar, and Tina Costarella. Berlinkski, a vet at the Toledo Zoo, spoke about working with exotic animals, and said zoo medicine is the hardest field in veterinary medicine to get into.

Kilar discussed caring for small, usually domesticated, animals. Costarella, who takes care of large animals, talked about wanting to start a veterinary program with the biology department in which students could have the chance to job shadow her. Colleen Maskarinec, founder of the YSU Pre-Veterinary Society, said she was grateful to have the veterinarians there to interact with and inspire the students.

Most of the attendees were YSU students who are pursuing a degree in veterinarian medicine.

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Nucor Dollars and Tons

Nucor conducted their Third Annual “Nucor Dollars and Tons” event on Saturday, October 8, 2016, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The Dollars and Tons game is designed to simulate how Nucor manages its business and the competitive environment under which all Nucor divisions operate. Dollars and Tons will help the student develop an understanding of critical financial terms, present them with typical business issues, and allow them to make decisions in a fun, fast-paced game environment in which participants make strategic decisions like the management team at a real Nucor division.

Five teams from the following STEM student organizations participated in this year’s event: American Institute of Chemical Engineering: Chem-E-Car Team; American Society of Civil Engineering: Groups I and II; and the STEM Leadership Society. The teams not only competed to have an awesome experience, but they had the opportunity to network with Nucor representatives, to develop innovative methods to start a business and to apply their problem solving skills to deal with real world applications, and to foster their team building skills.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineering: Chem-E-Car Team aka MEATBALL held on for another year and upheld their reputation as being the winners of the Nucor Dollars and Tons event. Bridger Kowalczyk, Brandon Haldiman, Tom Kibler, and Nick Scoumis not only held on to their championship as “top dog” for the event, they also took home $500.00 for their organization and a steel trophy made by Nucor with the organization’s name engraved on it.

student group

Physics Students Presentations

Physics students presented at the 2016 Fall Meeting of the Ohio Section of American Physical Science (OSAPS) on October 7 and 8 at Bowling Green State University.

  • Brian Schubert presented a paper titled “Examination of Surface Treatments of Implant-Grade Titanium via X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy”
  • Christopher Watenpool presented Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Research, “Circumventing Non Ergodic Dynamics in Anharmonic Atomic Chains”
  • David Bernard, Martin Strong, and Nicholas McGuigan also attended the conference
  • Dr. Snjezana “Snow” Balaz and Dr. Donald Priour provided faculty support on the projects


Cybersecurity Awareness Day

Since October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, ISEHA (Information Security and Ethical Hacking Association at YSU) and the NEOACM (Northeast Ohio ACM) sponsored a “Cybersecurity Awareness Day” at YSU on Tuesday, October 18 in Meshel Hall. The theme this year was “Personal Cybersecurity,” keeping yourself safe in cyberspace.

Wesley Stanton, President of ISEHA, spoke about “Password Cracking” and how to create a password that is difficult to crack. Jeremy Mio from the Cuyahoga County Department of Information Technology Security and Research Team, spoke about how to stay safe on the internet. He discussed what behavior you should avoid online in order to prevent identity theft and other cyber threats.

We should recognize the importance of being vigilant against any and all cyber threats, while recommitting to ensure that we use new digital tools and resources fearlessly, skillfully, and responsibly. That is why “Cybersecurity Awareness Day” is important and supported by ISEHA and NEOACM.

security demonstration



The STEM Internship and Co-op Expo has been transformed into the better-than-ever STEM Expo. Current students and alumni alike can come meet the employers who are now looking to fill full-time positions as well as internships and co-ops. YSU STEM welcomed more than 60 employers on October 6 for this first ever STEM Expo.

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Summer Programs at YSU for Local Students

Local middle schools and high schools may have let out for the summer, but the students can still come to YSU to learn in our STEM College. The Techie Camps, the Summer Bridge Program, and the Summer Honors Institute offer students a chance to learn outside of the typical classroom and to explore future areas of study and future careers.

techie camp

TECH CORPS Techie Camps
Techie Camp is a full-day, week-long summer experience designed specifically for elementary and middle school students. The goal of Techie Camp is to engage students in activities that can stimulate a deeper interest in technology as well as provide opportunities for them to express their imaginations. Students can take a “deep dive” into Programming, Robotics, App Development or Web Development.

Summer Bridge ProgramAlgebra II/Pre-Calculus to Calculus Math Bridge Program
The Math Bridge Program, sponsored by the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program at YSU, is a four-week program designed to reinforce basic math concepts and give high school students interested in STEM majors extra preparation for entering pre-calculus and calculus, or for taking standardized tests and college placement exams. Through practice and problem-based learning, the ultimate goal of the bridge is to help participants increase their mathematics knowledge and enter college ready to take calculus.

Additive Manufacturing Lab

Summer Honors Institute

Students from the Summer Honors Institute visited our Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing on Tuesday to learn more about this revolutionary technology.

Youngstown State University’s Summer Honors Institute offers gifted and talented students the opportunity to explore and discover new information in a wide range of disciplines. Courses have been developed by outstanding university faculty with the dual purpose of introducing students to a specific discipline that is not available to them in a high school setting and providing activities designed for more in-depth study. Courses are also designed to provide a high degree of student interaction using a variety of “hands-on” activities. Appropriate alternative learning experiences are also utilized.

Student Organization Spotlight: Phi Sigma Rho & SAE

Each month, we try to highlight at least one student organization in STEM. This month, we found two student organizations that are really encouraging students to join: Phi Sigma Rho and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Phi Sigma Rho

Orchid Ball groupThough Phi Sigma Rho is not a part of YSU’s Greek Life, it’s a STEM sorority. President and industrial engineering major Sydney Negro explains that they welcome all STEM majors.

“The university doesn’t consider us a sorority, but we follow all national guidelines of Phi Sigma Rho,” said Sydney.

From coordinating t-shirt sales to joining the Society of Women Engineers for events, Phi Sigma Rho is pretty active throughout the semester.

“We always participate in Relay for Life and we go to Light the Night because our national philanthropy is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,” said Sydney.

Most recently, Phi Sigma Rho held their Orchid Ball. At this formal, members danced, received awards, and socialized with alumnae.Phi Sigma Rho

“Our flower is the orchid, so instead of calling it our formal, we call it the Orchid Ball,” said Sydney.

STEMians interested in finding out more about joining Phi Sigma Rho can contact Sydney Negro at phirhoaa.president@gmail.com.

The Society of Automotive Engineers

The Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, is a relatively small group at YSU. President and mechanical engineering major Kyle Hogan encourages students from any major to check it out if they’re interested.

“We’re trying to grow and get some more recognition for the program and basically let people know there’s an option for any of the motor heads that might be out there,” said Kyle.

SAE Baja groupThe main event that SAE participates in is the Baja competition. The team must design and build a vehicle that can perform well in different tests, like maneuverability and acceleration.

“So it’s really balancing a lot of different aspects of your car and maybe having things that are variable that you can change between events,” said Kyle.

Anyone interested in learning more about SAE or the Baja competition can check out the group’s Youngstown State SAE Baja page on Facebook or @YSUBajaSAE on Twitter.

“We’re very welcoming of anyone wanting to come in and check it out,” said Kyle. “Even if you decide you’re not interested, that’s fine. If you want to learn, it’s an excellent place to do it. We’re not going to turn you away because you know nothing.”

HackYSU 2016

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Youngstown State University’s second annual hackathon took place last weekend from Friday night to Sunday morning.

Over 36 hours, the DeBartolo Stadium Club Room housed more than 100 students from YSU as well as from nearby universities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Major League Hacking was a big sponsor, providing medals for the top 3 projects and other prizes for category-specific winners.

First place was awarded to the group that created a virtual reality boxing game for the Oculus Rift. Second place went to a student who created a program that can listen to music and then recreate the notes with piano sounds. Third place was taken by the group that made a robot that plays Connect Four.

Other winners included an app that calculates driving routes and gas prices, and a social media website that combines other social media accounts into one easy location.

Other sponsors and mentors came to help from Drund and Youngstown Business Incubator.

The Penguin Hackers plan to host another hackathon next year, but in the meantime they’ll be attending other schools’ hackathons to hone their skills.

Interested students should e-mail Joe Duncko at jmduncko@student.ysu.edu.

STEM Showcase

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Every year the STEM showcase allows students to present their research to the community and area high school students. On Saturday, April 25, 2015, students flooded Moser Hall with 61 projects that they’ve been working on all semester. Projects included the Baja Car, the Concrete Canoe and the Chem E-Car.

For the second year in a row, the STEM College gave out two scholarships to incoming freshmen.

Along with seeing all of the student’s projects, the community was invited to take tours of the X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy labs. After all tours were complete and toward the end of the day, Dean Sturrus and President Tressel gave remarks and inducted new members into the STEM Leadership Society.

As usual, all of the projects were fantastic, and YSU STEM is proud of the work our students have accomplished.

Some standout projects included a personal bartending robot and a football helmet that detects and analyzes concussions.

The personal bartending robot, called JuiceBox, was created by students, Jordan Brown, Corey Dunbar and Nick Getsy. Along with the robot, they coded an Android app to run the Arduino. The focus of this robot is to promote drinking at home, rather than at a bar where driving home would be required. JuiceBox is made from an Arduino Mega microcontroller, a Bluetooth adapter, a stepper motor, a linear actuator and solenoid valves.

Another project that stood out was the Smart Helmet. The Smart Helmet was created by students Fahad Alotaibi, Chad Piccirilli and Paul Weidle. A sensor chip in the helmet would relay data back to a monitor on the sidelines of a field in order to allow coaches to detect potential hazards immediately. While this technology is already being used in the professional league and colleges, the students designed this helmet to be cost effective and reliable for high school use.

YSU STEM couldn’t be prouder of all our students and all of the work they have done this semester!

The First STEM Honors Convocation


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YSU STEM would like to congratulate all recipients of awards at the first STEM Honors Convocation! Awardees received recognition for their outstanding achievements on April 27 at 7 p.m. in the DeBartolo Stadium Club in Stambaugh Stadium. Below is a list of awards and their recipients.


QUEST – Best Undergraduate Project ($1000 funded by YSU Foundation)

Unmanned Aerial Systems: Theory and Applications

James Carter

Lucas Ciprian

Stephen Koulianos

Garrett McIntyre

Cory Thomas

Elucidation and Characterization of Commercially Produced CMA Road Deicer

Samuel Dickson

Paije Kiraly

Matthew LaLama

Jennifer Miller

Darian Wilson


QUEST – College Award- STEM ($200)

Properties and Applications of Shape Memory Polymer Using 3D Printing

Antonio DiSalvo

Kelly Kovacevich

Daniel Martin

Samuel Cappelli

Morphological Support Effects in Metal-Ce)2 Catalysts for CO Oxidation

Samantha Mock

Thomas Stoner


Youngstown State University Women’s Club Scholarship

Awarded to promising women students in recognition of high academic achievement

Anna Dunn


Clarence P. Gould Honor Society

Membership awarded to students on the basis of academic achievement and the breadth of academic courses

Camron Bagheri

Michael Baker

Shawn Doyle

Joseph Gantz

Michelle Kordupel

Alana Lesnansky

Katherine Pitcairn

Elizabeth Rogenski

James Tancabel


Shorty and Elba Navarro Scholarships

Awarded to students of Hispanic descent who reside in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, Lawrence, or Mercer Counties

Joseph Caraballo

Amalio Esparra

Monica Esparra

Jose Miranda

Frank Perez

Alexandria Rodemoyer


Academic YSU – OEA Union Heritage Scholarship

Awarded to a student demonstrating individual or family involvement in organized labor movement

Megan Healy


Stavich Educational Scholarships

Awarded to selected Campbell Memorial High School graduates

who are also children of former Calex employees

Sydney Livermore

Kristina Minniti


Theodore P. and Evelyn H. Chengelis Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student of Hellenic heritage who will matriculate to medical school

John Tomich


Danielle M. Hodge Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to graduates from high schools throughout the tri-county area

Alexander Huber


Eddie Conricote Memorial Scholarships

Awarded to a resident and graduate of Liberty High School who is a child or grandchild of a Liberty Firefighter

Jeremy Borton

Sabrina Sims


Michael Soroka Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a Campbell Memorial High School graduate who is an incoming first year student with academic promise

Joseph Lebenich


Michael T. Hartzell Memorial Scholarships

Awarded to an Austintown Fitch graduate or child of Youngstown City Police officer and children of officers serving the tri-county area from the police or sheriff’s departments, or a YSU student enrolled in the police academy

Taylor Minenok

Johnny Naples


Alumni Society Legacy Scholarship

Awarded to current students or incoming freshmen whose parent or guardian is a YSU graduate and a current member of the YSU Alumni Society

Rachel Briach


Woodrow Wilson Legacy Scholarship

Awarded to Woodrow Wilson High School graduates or descendants pursing an undergraduate degree

Taylor Minenok


Martha K. Schuster Memorial Scholarships

Awarded in recognition of academic achievement in memory of a former YSU employee and Women’s Club president

Johnny Naples



Outstanding Student in Mathematics and Statistics Award

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement in the study of Mathematics and Statistics

Megan Chambers

Timothy Shaffer

Kristi Yazvac


Outstanding Student in Statistics Award

Awarded for outstanding academic performance in Statistics

James Munyon


B.J. Yozwiak Mathematics Award

Awarded to a senior majoring in Mathematics who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance

Eric Shehadi


ms consultants Award in Civil Engineering Technology

Awarded to an outstanding student who works full time while completing the BSAS in CCET on a part-time basis

Christian Conzett


Dr. William A. Wood Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Technology

Awarded to an outstanding junior or senior undergraduate in Engineering Technology with a 3.0 or higher GPA

Shane Singer


Myron C. Wick, Jr. Scholarships in the Physical Sciences

Awarded to junior or senior students who have shown academic excellence in the physical sciences

Michael Baker

Jennifer Miller


Myron C. Wick, Jr. Scholarship in Engineering

Awarded to a junior or senior student who has shown academic excellence in engineering

Donald Dixon


Fireline, Inc. Scholarships

Awarded to students majoring in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Chemistry or Physics who have an interest in Materials Science with a minimum 3.0 GPA and resident of the five-county area

Dakesha Jordan

Eric Schubert


Michael A. Rigo Memorial Scholarships

Awarded to an outstanding Mechanical Engineering student residing in Mahoning County

Jessie Abeid

Jason Doll


Ohio Space Grant Consortium Scholarships

Awarded to junior and senior students for academic excellence in an Aerospace-related discipline

Ashley Bowers

Michael Radetic


Ronald J. Hepp Memorial Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior in Electrical Engineering

Corey Dunbar


Ronald G. Tabak Memorial Physics and Astronomy Award              

Awarded to a junior or senior Physics and Astronomy major who has demonstrated passion for teaching and involvement in the “life” of the Physics Department

Michael Baker


John and Lina Moteff Scholarships

Awarded for demonstration of academic promise in the study of Physics, Astronomy or related sciences

Andrew Bock

Michael DeLuca

Samuel Powers

Martin Strong


Dr. Ronald A. Parise Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding Physics or Astronomy student

Christopher Leach


Albert A. Guerrieri, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding student who has demonstrated academic achievement and commitment to the study of Physics

Nicholas McGuigan


Frank M. Clark Physics Award

Awarded to an exceptional student in Physics

Elizabeth Rogenski


Anthony, Elizabeth, and Dr. Janet DelBene Scholarships in Physical Chemistry

Awarded to an outstanding junior chemistry major

Abigal Ansah


American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Award

Awarded to a Chemistry senior who has made a significant contribution to the ACS Student Affiliates Association

Phillip Boran


Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement and aptitude in Analytical Chemistry

Victoria Boulos


Dr. Ralph E. Yingst Scholarship in Chemistry

Awarded to an upper-division Chemistry major for academic excellence

Victoria Boulos

James Gasior


Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Physical Chemistry Award

Awarded for outstanding performance in Physical Chemistry

James Gasior


American Chemical Society Inorganic Division

Awarded for excellence in Inorganic Chemistry at the undergraduate level with aspiration of a career in Chemistry

Matthew LaLama


American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

Awarded to an Organic Chemistry student who displays a significant aptitude for Organic Chemistry

Jennifer Miller


American Chemical Society Award – Penn-Ohio Section

Awarded to an outstanding junior Chemistry major

Jennifer Miller


Dr. Irwin Cohen Scholarship for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry

Awarded for excellence in undergraduate research in Chemistry

Samantha Mock


Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Society

Awarded to a senior Chemistry major for academic achievement in the Chemistry field

Jennifer Moore


Hypercube Scholars Award

Awarded to a graduating Chemistry student who has conducted research and is enrolling in graduate school

Jennifer Moore


Ohio Chapter of the American Institute of Chemists Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior or graduate student in Chemical Engineering

Amanda Sacco


Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Organic Chemistry Award

Awarded to honor outstanding performance in Organic Chemistry

Cassandra Shaffer


CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

Awarded for achievement in the study of Chemistry as a freshman

Tayah Turocy


Ikram Khawaja Outstanding Geology/Environmental Studies Student Awards

Awarded for scholastic excellence in Environmental Science from a student with intent to pursue a graduate degree

James Frost

Ralph Roth


Everette C. “Bud” Abram Geology Scholarships

Awarded for academic achievement in Geology

Lindsey Smith

Ralph Roth


Ann Harris Field Camp Scholarships

Awarded to noteworthy Geology majors

Lindsey Smith

Ralph Roth


Field Investigations in Geology Scholarships

Awarded to an exemplary student in the Field Investigations in Geology course

Ralph Roth


Pittsburgh AIChE Professional Promise Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior in chemical engineering

Jason White



QUEST – Best Graduate Project ($500 funded by YSU Foundation)

Collins Aboagye


QUEST – College Award- Graduate Studies ($200)

Michael Bellas

Joseph Mihaly


Outstanding Graduate Student Awards in Mathematics and Statistics

For outstanding academic performance in Mathematics and Statistics

Obeng Addai

Joseph Cochran


Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Mathematics Education

Awarded to a graduate student demonstrating impressive academic performance in Mathematics

Julie Seitz


Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Graduate Student Teaching Awards

Awarded for excellence in teaching undergraduate laboratories

Heather Folkwein

DaVena Zivkovic


Dr. James A. Reeder Graduate Scholarship Award

Awarded to graduate students working toward an advanced degree in Chemistry

Jordan Zaluski


Charles Singler Environmental Science Scholarship

Awarded for scholastic excellence demonstrated by a graduate student

Stefanie Hudzik

Erin O’Connor

Claret Tening Ndifet 


Anthony, Elizabeth, and Dr. Janet DelBene Scholarships in Physical Chemistry

Awarded to an outstanding Chemistry major who has been accepted into the YSU Graduate Program in Chemistry

Victoria Boulos


Ikram Khawaja Outstanding Geology/Environmental Studies Student Awards

Awarded to graduate students for academic excellence

Stefanie Hudzik

Erin O’Connor


Par for the Course: The Engineer Experience

2013-11-21 12.40.01
The golf courses set up in Moser with students testing and watching.

Last month, if you walked through the lobby of Moser Hall, you would have noticed the mini-golf courses that lined the middle of the room. These projects were part of the freshman-engineering course that all engineering majors have to go through. This year, YSU STEM followed one of the groups throughout their project.

The group of engineers we followed, Team 44, developed a course that included an elevated obstacle, as well as a diversion. The project’s theme was “The Rocky Road,” and ice cream cones lined the course, causing a sweet distraction to all around. Continue reading “Par for the Course: The Engineer Experience”