Calling all Penguins!

Pete’s Pride logo

All proud Penguins have the option of joining Pete’s Pride, a volunteer program designed to get Penguins involved with different activities on campus.

“Pete’s Pride is a volunteer initiative that engages YSU alumni and friends of the university to help with recruitment, mentoring and networking,” said Heather Belgin, events coordinator for alumni.

The volunteer program is very flexible, and each member of Pete’s Pride can devote as much time as they would like to the program. Some recent events that Pete’s Pride members have helped with include Crash Day, the Fall Career Fair, Majors Fair, Experience Y Day and a letter writing initiative.

“Pete’s Pride helps attract new students, foster current students and engage recent graduates,” Heather said.

Pete’s Pride kicked off on October 23, but there are already over 400 registered members.

Members are able to choose which events they would like to participate in, and some can even act as a mentor to current students.

View a Pete’s Pride introductory video featuring President Tressel and Pete’s Pride members here. You can sign up for Pete’s Pride here.