Beach Buddies Founder Bill Dale Visits YSU!

Bill DaleBill Dale is the founder of the Beach Buddies organization that takes charge of cleaning up litter on beaches. He was awarded the British Empire Medal by Queen Elizabeth II in 2017 for “Services to the Marine Environment.”

Bill Dale started a career in journalism at the age of 18. He founded the Isle of Man Gazette in 1985 and The Manx Independent in 1987. He left to start a career in freelance writing, public relations and photography in 1990. He launched The Southern Chronicle in 2011 and the Northwestern Chronicle in 2014.

Bill then founded Beach Buddies in October 2006 where he first officially collected debris in January 2017. It started with two volunteers and five dogs, and it now has 8,000 volunteers and, sadly, only one dog remains. He was appointed assistant commentator to Ian Cannell for the official Tynwald Ceremony in 2006 and appointed Sole Commentator in 2016.

Bill has been a regular guest speaker (about his career and the Beach Buddies organization) since 2013. He is currently in the middle of developing a new education program in schools that is designed to raise awareness of how careless littering introduces severe problems to the environment and wildlife populations.

His various other career experiences include operating the rowing boat ferry across Peel Harbor to Peel Castle in the 1970s to joiner, bricklayer, electrician, plumber, golfer, footballer, skier, basking shark watcher, and so many more!

Bill Dale provided a free, open lecture for the Youngstown community on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. This date also happened to be Bill’s birthday so people that came to his lecture were able to wish him the best on his special day. Bill’s visit to the USA has brought a lot of attention to his efforts in the Isle of Man, which is his home station. You can click here to view the news story that was published about his trip. There is also a video interview that is available for you to watch here about his various efforts with Beach Buddies.

While Bill Dale was at YSU, he spoke on the marine environment and how littering affects the environment. He showed the audience pictures of animals that were caught up in various types of litter that a human just threw out their car window without a second thought. Some of the animals he showed us were birds, sea turtles, seals, fish, and even non-marine life such as hedgehogs. He urged that people must stop littering because of how much it is damaging the wildlife and environment around the world.

To find out more about the Beach Buddies, you can visit his Facebook Page here. You can also contact Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer for more information on his visit to YSU at