Alumni Corner: Marc Malandro

Marc Malandro

Some people look back on their college days and think about all of the fun they had or the time they spent in class. Some do not look back on the college where they spent a good four or more years at all. Occasionally, however, a college will get an alumni like Marc Malandro, who not only looks back on his time at Youngstown State University favorably, but visits often as a part of so many different events.

Marc graduated from YSU in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. He continued his education at YSU and completed his master’s degree in 1991. While he finished up his schooling with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Florida College of Medicine, he wasn’t quite done with YSU.

Fresh out of college with his Ph.D., Marc and his wife Jennifer, who was a scholarship basketball player and graduated from YSU in 1991, moved to Utah, but they have since moved closer to home. For the last 10 years, he, his wife, and two daughters have enjoyed living in Pittsburgh. Marc is now the Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Management and Commercialization at the University of Pittsburgh, where he helps researchers identify partnerships with industry and investors to make sure that the public benefits from academic research and also to make sure students are given opportunities to develop skills through experiential learning that employers would need.

This is similar to what he does with YSU. Marc is a part of the Dean’s Advisory Council, where the group periodically meets to make sure that there is a connection between academia and industry, as well to help determine what employers want from new hires. The council also tries to increase diversity within the STEM fields and maximize the success of all the students.

In addition to helping with the Advisory Council, Marc continues to help with the biology department where he spent much of his time as a lab assistant. He has been to the annual Biology Day at YSU and was also a speaker this year. Marc is an advocate for giving students every opportunity to present their research.

“Any opportunity you can get students to present their work is important,” Marc says. He also said that it should be a priority to bring in the regional businesses to events like Biology Day. That way the businesses can see what research is going on and the uniqueness of the students and faculty at YSU.

While Marc enjoys helping out at the college physically, he and his wife are also helping out in another way. Two years ago, Marc and Jennifer were interested in increasing diversity in STEM fields, so they started a scholarship to support women in the STEM College. He and his wife also encourage all students to take advantage of everything that YSU has to offer including rounding out their education by looking for classes, like the arts and history, outside of their major.

“I don’t want students to underestimate what they have here at YSU,” he says. “The access to STEM faculty and the College’s unique facilities give students, not only in engineering but also in science, a great chance at success.”