Alumni Corner: Graduate commencement speaker Katie Hyden

Kaite Hyden

Kaite Hyden was more than just a graduate at the May 17th Commencement Ceremony for graduate students; she was the speaker. Katie knows that she will remember the day for a long time, and she hopes that her fellow graduates feel the same.

The Girard native graduated with her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 2012, and has always been very involved with the engineering program. She was a member of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, a member of Tau Beta Pi, a STEM activities volunteer, and much more. To say that Katie made her academic career as rounded as possible would be an understatement.

“I feel that I have been provided with a solid, vast knowledge of the engineering principles [at YSU],” Katie says. She continued to say, “I use [those principles] in my job and it extends beyond simply being able to solve idealized problems and use software packages that were taught in school.”

Katie currently works at Babcock and Wilcox in Barberton, Ohio, where she works with the Nuclear Operations group as a design engineer. At Babcock and Wilcox, Katie works to help manufacture heavy pressure vessels that are used in various industries, like the defense industry. While she was at YSU, Katie worked on networking through her internship at Parker Hannifin in the gear pump division. She used those networking contacts to get her resume to the right people and found the position she is in today.

Building these kinds of relationships is important to Katie, and she has always tried to make the most out of all of her professional relationships, including those with her professors.

“I was able to develop a good relationship with many of my professors,” Katie says. “They have provided me with valuable professional advice, introduced me to additional contacts, and given me every opportunity to grow.” She continued, “They’ve assisted me in finding internships, in research experiences, and in my latest job search.”

Katie said she enjoyed YSU because she was provided with different approaches to solving problems, as well as real-life examples outside of textbooks. She appreciated YSU and the professors because of their need to see students succeed. She says that YSU is a big enough school to have the opportunities of a larger school, but small enough where you can build relationships with your professors.

When she isn’t working in Barberton, Katie is home, spending time with the family that has supported her through her academic career. She enjoys skiing, going to concerts, and going to amusement parks with her family.

“It’s nice to have people who love you and back you up,” Katie says. “My parents raised me a certain way, and because of that I entered college with a high level of discipline and expectations of myself.”

We are sure that same determination and expectation will keep Katie going strong in her career and future endeavors. We hope she continues to share her experiences and advice with STEM students and the community.

“Get involved early,” she says. “The earlier you get involved, the more opportunities will arise.”