Alumni Corner: Dan Martin

DAN Martin
Dan Martin

Dan Martin was a little surprised to hear that he would be presented with the outstanding young alumnus award at this year’s STEM Awards dinner.  The graduate of Youngstown State University, now a leader in Lubrizol Company, attended the dinner with his wife Amy.

Dan started at YSU in Industrial and Systems Engineering and graduated in 2003. Since YSU has such flexible programs, he decided to attend YSU again and earn his masters degree.

“[YSU] was a great foundational platform. It combined real world experience and academics for a much better understanding of the material,” Dan said about how YSU prepared him for his career.

After YSU, Dan took a job in Chicago. He wasn’t in Chicago long before he found an opening at Lubrizol, in Cleveland, Ohio. As an engineering manager for Lubrizol, he tested driveline and industrial lubricants. After four years, he was promoted to his current position as department manager of blend test services.

Dan attributes much of his success to the drive of his wife and children, as well as some of his professors. Dr. Hojjat Mehri and Dr. Martin Cala were two of the most inspirational forces and supporters in Dan’s life.

Dr. Christopher Ciolli nominated Dan for the Outstanding Young Alumnus award. Dr. Ciolli nominated his fellow Austintown Fitch alumnus for the award because of his advancement in Lubrizol and the increase of leadership that comes with these positions.

“Under his leadership, Driveline and Industrial testing successfully developed several capital investment projects to augment our world-class mechanical test capabilities.” Dr. Ciolli said. “Dan’s proactive approach to continuous improvement of our company’s largest blending and testing facility has greatly benefited my (and our colleagues’) technology development, product approval and technical support projects to help make our customers more successful.”