Alumni Corner: Annette Marado

Annette Marado
Alumna Annette Marado

Youngstown State University is known for having a great engineering program, and that great engineering program has a tendency to produce great alumni. Annette Marado is one of those alumni.

The Warren native graduated from YSU with a bachelors degree in materials engineering. After working for many years in the flat roll steel industry, predominately with automotive customers, Annette found her dream job at The Timken Company.

Annette has moved higher in responsibility with each job she has had throughout her career. She started with The Timken Company in Corporate Purchasing. Quickly, Annette moved over to the steel side of the business, as a sales engineer. More recently, Annette has been promoted to being the Manager of Global Business Development for Timken Steel.

Annette enjoys her new position and likes being able to come up with solutions to the problems that her customers present her with, and she enjoys working with people from around the world.

“Thanks to technological advances, I can communicate with sales people around the globe day and night. At times, this includes an exchange of emails or a conference call with China from the comfort of my home at 2:00 a.m.,” Annette said.

Not only does Annette love her job, but also she loves what her job allows her to do.

“My engineering education from YSU instilled the skill of logical thinking,” she said. Annette is the go-to person for the world sellers at The Timken Company. Annette also said, “A degree in engineering prepares you for anything.”

Not only does Annette believe that a degree in engineering can prepare you for anything, but she believes that YSU can prepare you for anything. Much of why she likes her career is because she was able to walk away from YSU with a good, diverse skill set

“You don’t get babied [at YSU],” Annette said. “Everything you need is here.”

Annette is a member of the STEM Advisory Council at YSU. The STEM Advisory Council takes a look at different problems on campus and in STEM related industries. One of these problems is the lack of women in STEM fields. Dean Martin Abraham continues to reach out to industry to hear what potential employers find valuable in recent graduates.

“There are challenges in being a woman in a traditionally male industry, but there are more women that you think,” Annette said. She went on to give advice to young women considering a career in a STEM field, “They can do it. Work hard, and people will respect you for your skill set and competencies.”

YSU was a building block of her career, but Annette says that engineering professor Dr. Richard Jones was the one that encouraged her the most throughout her four years here. She loved that he was the kind of professor that didn’t let anyone in class fall behind, whether it be advanced mathematics or physics. Annette also attributes much of her success and encouragement to her fiancé Nick.