ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Many of our STEMians have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but many probably do not know that the College itself was nominated too. And boy does YSU STEM know how to take a challenge!

ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a disease housed in the brain and spinal cord that affects the muscles ability to move. Many people who have ALS will benefit from the research that all of these donations are going toward. As a YSU STEM, we donated over $300 with our challenge. Total donations to ALSA are now over $50 million, in just the short time that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge been circulating.

We were nominated by OH WOW!, but we noticed that there were a few people from their board missing, so we nominated them. We also nominated other colleges and their deans: YSU Beeghly College of Education, YSU College of Creative Arts and Communications, YSU College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, YSU Williamson College of Business Administration, and , last but not least, the YSU College of Graduate Studies. We have also watched a couple other challenge videos, and we noticed that Jim Cossler, chief evangelist at YBI, and Barb Ewing, chief operating officer also at YBI, were having a little bit too much fun helping their client development coordinator Brittany Housel complete her challenge, so we are nominated them as well.

We had several faculty, staff, and students help us complete our challenge, but we wouldn’t be true STEMians if we didn’t step it up a notch. Check out our video here to see how STEMians do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…with liquid nitrogen!