Faculty Faction: Dr. Donald Priour!

priour_donaldOver this last academic year, YSU STEM has made it a point to introduce you to as many of our new faculty as we can. Some of them are new to teaching, but some of them are not. Professors, like Dr. Donald Priour, assistant professor in the physics and astronomy department, have taught classes before, but YSU holds something different for them.

Dr. Priour, who grew up in Kerrville, Texas, has been passionate about physics for as long as he can remember, but he counts his first real beginnings in the field as the first paper he had published 15 years ago. He graduated from Rice University with a degree in Physics, and earned his master’s degree and PhD in Physics from Princeton University.

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7th Annual ASM Summer Camp for Pre-college Teachers

The CTME along with the ASM Materials Education Foundation co-sponsored a “Materials Camp” for pre-college teachers the week of July 11– 15, 2011, which culminated in a luncheon hosted by Dr. Martin A. Abraham, Dean, College of STEM.  Joann Esenwein, CTME Director, Youngstown State University, served as the Materials Camp Coordinator for the first time. The master teachers included Mr. Thomas Glasgow, Ms. Georgia Peet, Mr. Eric Towers. Mathew Coppage, current YSU student and CTME Intern, and Jenifer Miller assisted the master teachers.

Twenty-five pre-college educators participated in this year’s camp and learned the basics of Material Science Technology with hands-on metal, ceramic, polymer and composite projects.  ASM workshop materials can be used as a basis for teaching a stand-alone MST course or infused into an existing science and technology course with the common goal of exciting students about science, technology and engineering.

The ASM workshop was developed at the University of Washington and Edmonds Community College and supported by the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technology Education program.