Publications from Dr. Sharif and her students!

Some new publications from Dr. Sharif!

The first paper by Busjahn et al. was a collaboration with several international researchers.  It was recently published in August 2014. The premise of the paper is that eye tracking technology holds great promise in the realm of computing education. A coding scheme was developed and expert gaze on source code was analyzed. This work is ongoing and in the near future novice gaze will also be analyzed.

The second paper by Walters et al. was a collaboration with H. Kagdi from Wichita State University. The first two authors are undergraduate students at YSU who did the work of collecting and analyzing the data under the guidance of Dr. Sharif. Braden Walters is a Computer Science major and Timothy Shaffer is a Mathematics major. The paper was part of the early research achievement track. The goal was to implicitly maintain traceability between software artifacts using only eye gazes.

The third and fourth papers were joint work with Dr. Lazar from YSU and a recent graduate, Sarah Ritchey who double majored in Computer Science and Mathematics. Sarah is now in the Ph.D. program at Duke University. The main goal of these two papers were to improve state of the art duplicate bug detection techniques. A dataset was also provided for easier replication.

Finally the fifth paper was part of Rachel Turner’s undergraduate capstone work at YSU. Rachel is currently doing a co-op at ABB in Germany.  Her work involved conducting an eye tracking study on assessing the comprehension of C++ code vs. Python code. She worked collaboratively with Michael Falcone (a former YSU student), who is now in the Ph.D. program at the University of Southern California.

Paper Citations (underlined authors are current or former students):

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