Physics Recent Publications

Michael Crescimanno, Tom Oder, and Jim Andrews, Professors, and Chuanhong Zhou, Research Associate, Physics & Astronomy, co-authored a recent peer-reviewed paper with five YSU undergraduates and two faculty from Case Western Reserve University, titled, “Chromatic control in coextruded layered polymer microlenses.” The student co-authors and their majors are Josh Petrus and Conner Hetzel, physics, Camron Bagheri and Jimmy Tancabel, mechanical engineering, and Cory Merlo, electrical engineering. Josh Petrus is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in physics at The Ohio State University. The paper appeared in December in the online open-access high-impact journal, Optics Express. The work was funded through YSU’s Affiliation with the National Science Foundation funded Center for Layered Polymeric Systems. You can read the full paper here.
Crescimanno and Andrews, Professors, Zhou, Research Associate, and Michael Baker, senior physics major, co-authored the paper,“Structure and Symmetry in Coherent Perfect Polarization Rotation,”  appearing in the January 29 issue of Physical Review A. This paper explores new phenomena in coherent magneto-optics, with applications to optical switching and sensors.  The work was funded through an EAGER grant from the National Science Foundation for which Drs. Crescimanno and Andrews are lead and co- principal investigators, respectively. You can read the abstract here.