Kerry Meyers, Ph.D.- Faculty Faction


Youngstown State University is privileged to have Dr. Kerry Meyers on the faculty this year.Kerry brings passion, fun, and learning to the job of “First-Year Engineering Director.

Dr. Meyers earned her bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue. She continued with her masters in Mechanical Engineering at Oakland University in Michigan. Returning to Purdue, Kerry earned her Ph.D. in Engineering Education. For her Ph.D. Kerry did research in student engagement and engineering identity (who goes into engineering, who stays in engineering, and why?).

As the director for the First-Year Engineering students, Kerry helps to introduce the students into world of engineering. The First-Year Engineering students learn the fundamentals of computing (EXCEL and MATLAB) and then apply what they have learned in several hands-on engineering projects throughout the year.

Dr. Meyers loves that the students are enthusiastic about their work. “They go above and beyond [in their projects] when they are excited,” she said.

Kerry, a Detroit native, worked at Chrysler as a design engineer for a time before being relocated to the Valley. In the past, she has also held a faculty appointment at the University of Notre Dame.

Most recently, Kerry has been active with the students in the design of mini-golf courses. The students had several constraints and had to work with a team of their peers. They selected a design concept and applied visualization skills in their project design, for which they then had to analyze and prepare formal written and oral reports.puttputta

This next semester, Dr. Meyers will lead the First-Year Engineering students in a project that benefits the community. The project centers on designing an experiment for the OH WOW! The Roger and Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science and Technology. Check back this next semester to see how the projects go!