Faculty Faction: Dr. Nguyet “Moon” Nguyen

With the start of a new academic year comes new faces. Nguyet Nguyen is one of those new faces, but she isn’t a freshman. Dr. Nguyen is a new assistant professor in the Mathematics Department and is excited to see new students who are eager to learn.

Dr. Nguyen graduated this past summer with her Ph.D. from Florida State University where she helped as a teaching assistant. Her love for mathematics didn’t start with her bachelor’s degree from Hanoi National University of Education in Hanoi, Vietnam; it started much earlier than that.

“Mathematics was my favorite subject when I went to school,” she says. Dr. Nguyen went on to say that she has loved mathematics since her first gifted class in the fifth grade.

Spreading the love of mathematics is one of Dr. Nguyen’s biggest goals for the department. She enjoys sharing math with her students, and she especially enjoys sharing it with her children. This year, she is encouraging both of her girls to compete in Math Kangaroo, which is an international mathematics competition.

Dr. Nguyen’s main focus in her research is in financial models, which can be used for predicting economics regimes or estimating option prices. Specifically, she works with the Hidden Markov Model, which can predict economic changes and stock prices.

In the future, Dr. Nguyen hopes to start building relationships with her students and helping some of the upperclassmen with their senior projects.

“When I teach students, I really want to teach them how to think, how to solve the problems clearly, and find the best way to solve the problems,” Dr. Nguyen says.