Congratulations to those who were granted sabbaticals!

Mike Crescimanno: Dr. Crescimanno was granted a full-year sabbatical to develop more on the theory of Coherent Perfect Rotation — primarily to non-linear optics and some special device applications — and to finish some ongoing work in quantum optics and mathematical physics. Dr. Crescimanno said he is blessed to have active research collaborators at Case Western Reserve U. with whom he will be spending the year working. He said he feels an enormous debt of gratitude for the privilege and is eagerly looking forward to it.
Thomas Diggins: Dr. Diggins was granted a one-semester sabbatical, which he will be taking during the fall 2015 semester. He will be working on stream, river and riparian ecology in western New York. Specifically, he is going to be looking at how hydrological and geological factors such as the flow regime and channel type of the river, and the nature of the sediments and riverside landforms, influence the development of forests along the riverbanks. Dr. Diggins is collaborating with a student, Dr. Robin Mattheus in Geology and Environmental Studies, and with Dr. Dawna Cerney in Geography.

Carl Johnston: Dr. Johnston was granted a one-semester sabbatical, which he will take during the spring 2016 semester. Dr. Johnston will develop a research collaboration between YSU and Istituto Nacional de Salud in Peru. The focus will be on applying microbial, chemical, and next generation DNA sequencing technologies with emphasis in ecological distribution of bacterial pathogens including Vibrio species that travel through continental waters and have become pandemic in western South America.