Dr. Rodabaugh is coming to town!

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why!
Dr. Rodabuagh is coming to town!

During the holidays, the advertisements start rolling and without a doubt you see a picture of Santa and his never ending bag of gifts. You may have also seen Dr. Rodabaugh whisking himself down the hallways of Moser with his belt pack and wonder, “Is he Santa?” YSU STEM Social Media investigated to find out what exactly he keeps in that thing.

While Dr. Rodabaugh doesn’t have any reindeer to take him places, he does have a fancy outfit, just like St. Nick. With his Tony Soprano jacket and his beat-up, worn-out belt pack, Dr. Rodabaugh has some stories to tell. Just like Santa, that belt pack has been around for a long time and has visited many different countries, but no matter how many places it has been, it still calls the halls of Moser home.

So what’s in Dr. Rodabaugh’s belt pack? Well it’s not the same gifts and goodies that Santa delivers to good STEMians, but there is still a lot of laughs! Take a look at the wonders that have travelled the world below!

Whether you are mesmerized by the tinsel staples holding the belt pack together or amazed by the fact that it can carry all that stuff YSU STEM Social Media would like to wish you and your families a Happy Holiday Season!

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Mixing Art and STEM: New “STEAM” Course Planned for Fall 2015

STEAM — Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math — has been showing up in universities across the country, with its next stop being YSU. STEAM is a combination of STEM and Art, forming interdisciplinary courses that recognize the overlap between art and STEM. A new course called Design in Practice is planned to start at YSU in Fall 2015 as a general education course.

Kerry Meyers, Assistant Professor of Engineering and the key developer of the new course, said that there is a large overlap between art and engineering.

“The commonality between engineering and art is design. Engineering focuses on design for a specific purpose. Where in Art,  looks at design as expression considering both aesthetic value and the medium. So what you’re doing is bringing the creative values of Art with the functionality aspects of Engineering to create a course focused in cultural factors,” Meyers said.

The course will be dual-taught, with Meyers being the engineer instructor and Christine McCullough being the art instructor. Meyers said that the course is not meant to be a history course or a lecture course, but is intended to be a class where different methodologies, approaches, and implications are explored.

“The interesting thing about it is that it looks at cultural and ethical issues that would affect the community and trying to develop solutions and approaches that consider that. Like doing projects that involve recycled materials or zero energy, zero waste,” Meyers said.

Transforming the Future: Ashley Martof Named Intern of the Year

Ashley Martof holds the letter that she designed and printed for President Obama.

Ashley Martof holds the letter that she designed and printed for President Obama.

The STEM Intern of the Year award is given to a student that has shown a high quality of work, has shown initiative, has completed presentations, and has had an impact on the company with whom they have worked. This year, Ashley Martof, a senior industrial engineer student, won the award.

Ashley said that she toured America Makes in Spring 2013, and that was the first time she was introduced to additive manufacturing and 3D printing. She said she fell in love with the technology immediately. Ashley began interning with America Makes in January, where she helps with workforce and educational outreach.

America Makes is the first institute in the National Network of Manufacturing Innovation. ”Our focus is on additive manufacturing research”, said Mike Hripko, director of workforce and educational outreach, “ At the same time, we know by developing and offering educational content, we will enable people to take full advantage of the new technology.”

Mike Hripko and Ashley Martof showcase some of the materials printed at America Makes, including a side mirror for a car and a honeycomb-structure metal beam.

Mike Hripko and Ashley Martof showcase some of the materials printed at America Makes, including a side mirror for a car and a honeycomb-structure metal beam.

One of the first projects Ashley did was develop an additive manufacturing curriculum for teachers.

“Last year if you Googled ‘additive manufacturing,’ no results for curriculum showed up. Teaching tools for 3D printing had not been developed; the technology was so new. So I had to research additive manufacturing and develop curriculum from scratch,” Ashley said.

Other projects Ashley completed include developing a 3D printing student camp, where she took the children from 2D and 3D basics to designing and printing their own products in five days, designing a 3D letter to President Obama, designing a side mirror for the 3D Print Your Car project from Local Motors, and designing a coyote for a collaboration award.

Ashley was also a student participant in the STEM Professional Practice Program and was a participant with the PICAM 1 and the OH-PENN grants.

After Ashley graduates in May, she plans on returning to YSU to pursue a master’s degree in industrial engineering.

Laser Light Shows Back by Popular Demand at the Planetarium

Due to popular demand, the Ward Beecher Planetarium is bringing back laser shows for one weekend only, January 23 and 24!

Rock out to laser light with these great shows:

Beecher Plantetarium Logo var 1Friday, 1/23 and Saturday, 1/24:
5 p.m.: Laser Vinyl (Classic Rock)
6 p.m.: Laser Retro (80s New Wave)
7 p.m.: Laser Beatles
8 p.m.: Laser Led Zeppelin
9 p.m.: Dark Side of the Moon (full album)
10 p.m.: The Wall (excerpts)

While the Ward Beecher Planetarium has always been and will always be free and open to the public, a suggested donation of $1.00 per person for this special event will allow us to continue to bring programs like this to the Mahoning Valley.

The seats are first come, first served, no reservations accepted. The Ward Beecher Planetarium seats 145, so plan on arriving early!

Please visit www.wbplanetarium.org  for more details.